Friday, May 30, 2008

Heart Sounds Tutorial from Blaufuss

THE HEART - so vital to our existance, so profound, so...hard to remember all the boatloads of information related to the heart! Well, thank goodness for tutorials such as the ones created by Blaufuss Multimedia Laboratories.

Their Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrythmias tutorials walks you through all you need to know about heart sounds and electrocardiogram / arrhythmias. There are pictures, animated images, sound, and you can even take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Bless their hearts for creating such an awesome resource!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finding Health Information in Different Languages

Looking for multi-lingual patient education health information? There is no ONE perfect resource to answer that question, but here are two that I'd recommend looking at.
This fantastic website is put together by the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine. At the bottom left of their homepage, you will see the new highlighted listing of Multiple Languages. There are over 40 languages available covering various health topics.

Healthy Roads Media
This resource provides health information in 17 languages. Information is available as PDF handouts, and where available, audio and video. You can read more information about this resource. The contributors to Health Roads Media cover a variety of organizations.

Please post a comment to this posting to share any other resources that you've found helpful for finding multi-lingual health resources.