Friday, November 30, 2007

Rediscovering Missing Websites

How many times have you gone to a website that used to work, but when you try to access it the next time, you get an error message stating that it does not exist anymore?

Don't worry, there are two ways that are equivalent to waving a magic wand to get the old webpage to suddenly reappear.

INTERNET ARCHIVE (aka "The Way Back Machine")
1) Pop the URL that you are trying to access into the search box that looks like this 2) Click on any of the dates that represent when the site was last archived

GOOGLE CACHED (best used when you get taken to the inactive link via a Google result)

Select the Cached link below the result and you'll be taken to the last time the page was archived

Go ahead and give it a try. You can use these tools to check out any website, not just ones that don't seem to exist anymore.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

JoVE - a video journal

Hang on to your hats...there's a journal that is completely video based and online!

JoVE is a fantastic collection of short videos that go over basic and advanced laboratory techniques. I highly recommend this resource for anyone who is doing bench research or just interested in finding out what goes on in research labs.

Pop some popcorn and sit back and prepare to be educated!

Faculty 2.0 (article)

Wondering how to keep up with teaching the new generation of learners - those techno-savvy students who populate your classrooms?

Check out this article: Faculty 2.0. Hartman, JL. (2007.) EDUCAUSE review, 42(5), 62-76.

Much has been written recently about the Net Generation--the generation (roughly twelve to twenty-five years old) that makes up the majority of students attending U.S. colleges and universities--but relatively little attention has been given to the college and university faculty who teach them. Faculty roles and the processes of teaching and learning are undergoing rapid change. The three traditional roles of college and university faculty are teaching, research, and service, with the relative emphasis on each varying by institutional type and mission. Among the three roles that are undergoing change, teaching and research are being most significantly altered by technology. Although research and publication are undeniably important components of the professional lives of many faculty members--for some, they form "the" most important component--the authors are focusing here on the less-visible changes brought about by technology in the teaching and learning space and on how these changes are fundamentally reshaping the processes and tools associated with the institutional structures, extending to the roles and responsibilities of campus IT leaders and organizations.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google Quick Tip #3

Need a quick way to find the definition of a word? Forgotten what an acronym stands for?


Google provides an easy way to find definitions of words, acronyms, and even phrases. Simply typing in define: followed by the word or acronym will pull up definitions from several sources on the web. This is by no means the most reliable way to find the exact definition of a word, but it is definitely a quick way to get a sense of what a word or acronym means. View this short video that demonstrates how to use this shortcut.

define:soap note

If you need to quote a more reliable online dictionary for a definition, use something like or the Oxford English Dictionary.