Thursday, June 10, 2010

MedFools for Free Scutsheets

Med students and residents - help me out here:
Have any of you used MedFools before?

This not-for-profit site has been around since 2001 and is for "students by students" and "residents by residents". The site provides information ranging from sample personal statements, insider tips and book recommendations for USMLE prep, wards, residency applications, match, pre-med prep, and free downloadable materials.

Their homepage has an item mentioning that their site has been blacklisted by the AAMC. Apparently, some medical school and residency applicants may have lifted sample essays from MedFools and unwisely used them in their own application.

Steering clear of this sticky issue, I wanted to point out a feature that looks quite helpful on this site: The downloadable scutsheets and fact sheets . These free resources can come in handy when gathering patient information and reminders of what to cover during the patient encounter. They're printable and convenient to stuff into your whitecoat pocket.

Subjects include scutsheets and fact sheets for:
- Medicine - General Wards - Pediatrics - OB/GYN - Psychiatry - USMLE (bacteria, fungus, and parasites charts)

Examples of some of these resources:
- H&P form for clerkships -
- Peds Notes -
- USMLE Parasites study chart -

Give the site a once over and let me know what you think of this resource.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Medical Radio: free iTunes app

Take a break from listening to the top 25 songs on your iPod. Here's a free app from the iTunes Store that can satisfy your thirst for knowledge while you're at the gym or while commuting.

Medical Radio is a free app from ReachMD. These weekly 15 minute broadcasts, for physicians by physicians, are from the Sirius-XM satellite radio channel XM160.

- Over 5000 searchable podcasts

- Covers medical information, conversation, and education (CME & CE) about general to specialty medicine topics

- Take a CME or CE course exam directly on your mobile device

- Includes FDA and CDC updates

- Compatable with iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

Give this app a try and let me know what you think of it. Happy listening and learning!