Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google Quick Tip #6

When you search Google Scholar, do you notice that the first result, which while may be relevant to your search terms, is not necessarily the most recently published? What's the deal with that?


The way Google works is that the most frequently linked to item rises to the top of the results. So, it's more like a popularity contest.

To re-rank your results to show the most current papers:

  1. Click on the Recent articles link that's in the green menu bar above your results in Google Scholar
  2. A box will appear to the right of the search box indicating that there's a date dropdown menu
  3. Choose the most recent year or any other specific year you'd want to find

Of course, to be sure you've got THE most recently published scientific journal articles, search PubMed. Google Scholar usually is not caught up with PubMed's currency.

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