Friday, November 21, 2008

Google Quick Tip #14

Quick - what's the answer to 25.31 x 45.73? Don't have a calculator close by? Don't care to interest yourself in a long multiplication problem? No problem, Google can do the math for you!


The following symbols stand for these standard math operations:

Addition +
Subtraction -
Multiplication *
Division /
Exponent ^
Percentage of % of

Say for example, I want to calculate 15.87% of the total of 2.31 times 45.0 to the 5.99th power. I'd type in the following into Google to find the answer:

15.87% of (2.31*45.9)^5.99

More tips at

Now that you know these tips, hide them from your school age children who are properly learning what we as adults no longer have the patience to do by hand or handheld calculator!


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