Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Understanding the Millennials

My parents are Boomers, I'm a Gen-X'er, and my students are Millennials. If you teach Millennials, you will definitely agree that they carry a vibe very different from the previous two generations.

This presentation, "The Generations Game" is very worth going through. It will take you less than ten minutes to read it.
  • If you're a teacher - you can get a solid grasp of where your Millennials are coming from.
  • If you ARE a millennial - take a look and see what data has been acquired and interpreted about who you are as a generational group.

The presentation is co-authored by two educators in the United Kingdom - Steve Mellor, the Head of Youth and Kids Research at Harris Interactive Europe, and Cathy O'Donnell.

(click on the projection screen icon above to view the presentation in full screen mode)

Learning about how our students think will open the doors to how we can keep our students engaged as we develop our plans and innovations to keep medical education on the cutting edge. Knowing our audience is in the best interest of educators and students alike.

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School of Medicine Communications said...

very interesting. not sure it applies to my nephew, but certainly seems to apply to a lot of our students here at UCSF.