Monday, June 29, 2009

Highlight webpages with The Awesome Highlighter

Sometimes you may want to send someone a link to a webpage. Instead of typing what's interesting about the content of that page in the body of your email, imagine that you could actually highlight the text or section of the webpage and annotate it. Well, there IS such a tool out there that allows you to do this.

The Awesome Highlighter is just as its name implies - awesome. In a few simple steps, you can generate a URL that will take people to your highlighted webpage.

(1) Copy and paste in the URL of the webpage you want to highlight

(2) The page will appear inside an editing window. Use the yellow highlighter that appears in place of the cursor to select parts of the webpage you want to highlight.

(3) Click on the + add a note link at the upper right to place sticky notes that describe why you've highlighted that region. The notes can be moved around by holding them down and dragging them to another location on the page if you wish.

(4) Select the Done button at the top to complete the process.

(5) A URL will be generated that you can copy and paste or email. This URL will allow the viewer to get straight to the highlighted and annotated webpage.

For example, I highlighted a page from the Association of American Medical Colleges' Outcomes Project webpage that covers the residency competencies. Check it out at

Now go out there and dazzle your friends and colleagues by what you can create with The Awesome Highlighter!

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