Thursday, July 30, 2009

Google Quick Tip #21

Eh... did you notice that Google has slipped in a tiny link that sits just above the left side of the results of your search?


After weeks of ignoring the link that looks like this: , I finally got around to clicking on the "+ Show options" link to see what was hiding under there.

Well, what to my wondering eyes did appear was a stroke of genius that I've been waiting for from Google for ages! There is a list of options to limit your results. It's fantastic! When you click on the Wonderwheel category, you get a fun way to visually search your results via a concept map that re-sorts itself when you click on a topic.

Ooh - exciting! Have a ball exploring these new hidden features!


SAMZE said...

wow! i love it! i will have to check this one out! :) thanks!

J. Lo said...

thank you for sharing this!

Michele said...

SO cool -- thanks for pointing it out!

Edgar said...

Good to know, Thanks!