Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making Your Bookmarks Delicious

Can't remember the name of that cool website your colleague emailed you about praciticing auscultation techniques? How about that website your mom told you about how to baste a turkey? Delicious is a way to keep your bookmarks in one place, no matter what computer you're using.

If you're already using Delicious, kudos to you. If not, once you've read this post, you'll be making all your bookmarked websites incredibly Delicious.

Delicious is a social bookmarking site founded in 2003 by Joshua Schachter and acquired by Yahoo in 2005. According to Wikipedia, by the end of 2008, there were over 5.3 million users and over 180 million unique URLs bookmarked on Delicious.

What is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking allows you to untether yourself from your own computer and be able to access your bookmarks wherever you may be at any computer.

You "tag" your bookmarks to describe a website and those tags are shared with others. Exploring similar tags creates a social network of people interested in similar topics.

Here is a quick way to understand social bookmarking:

Great uses for Delicious:

* Storing and tagging websites that you find interesting

* Create subject specific Delicious bookmarks to share with your colleagues and friends; can also have several people add to the same Delicious account. For example, see what the New York Academy of Medicine Library has in their Delicious account.

* Explore what other people have tagged in their Delicious accounts to help you discover sites you were unaware of but would be highly relevant to your interests

The presenation below gives a quick introduction of what Delicious can do for you.

Read what Delicious has to say about themselves -

Click on the Tools link at the very bottom of a Delicious page to get all the info you need to know how to easily integrate Delcious into your web browser -

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