Friday, August 27, 2010

RefGrab-It to Cite Information from the Web

So, you've found an article or book that would be perfect to cite in your research. What's a fast and easy way to capture and create a citation from that website?

Here's an idea:

The citation management software, RefWorks, has a RefGrab-It feature that allows you to import information from any website into RefWorks.

Downloading RefGrab-It bookmarklet to your browser:

(1) Go to to set up a new account if do not already have one. [If off-campus, log into VPN and Network Connect first; RefWorks is free to UCSF users because the Library has a site licence.]

(2) Go to to download the bookmarklet

Watch this video showing how to use the RefGrab-It tool to easily import the web citation into your RefWorks account.

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