Wednesday, November 24, 2010

25 Basic Styles of Blogging

Are you an active blogger? A newbie blogger? Only in the consideration stage of becoming a blogger? If you are any of these, this presentation gives some very helpful tips on the multiple types of blogging styles that can engage your readers.

Each style is rated by:

(1) Suggested frequency of postings
(2) The "Buzz Index" - how likely the posting will be linked to and commented on
(3) Difficulty level in creating each posting style

My personal opinion is that you should use any combination of several styles to make your blog interesting and engaging with your audience. No one style is dominantly the best. The ratings will help you determine which styles you should consider using most.

The presentation author, Rohit Bhargava, is Senior Vice President of 360 Digital Influence Group at Ogilvy, a large global advertising company.

May these tips help guide you through your blogging adventures!

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