Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Procedures Consult: an Online Resource to Brush Up on Clinical Skills Knowledge

"See one. Do one. Teach One…Made Better and Safer”. That’s the tagline of Procedures Consult, an online resource that is now available to you thanks to the UCSF Medical Center and the Library’s joint efforts to set up a subscription to this tool. This comprehensive and concise procedural reference tool details how to prepare for, perform and follow up on the most common medical procedures.

View a quick narrated overview tutorial below

Key features include:
· Videos and illustrations for each procedure
· Self-directed procedures training and testing with trackable results
· Pre-, During, and Post-procedure reference
· Procedural checklists and Universal protocols
· Billing codes for procedures

Additional educational benefits:
· Highlights when patient "informed consent" is required
· Reinforces Joint Commission patient safety concepts
· Conforms to ACGME and ABMS (American Board of Internal Medicine) standards

Helpful ways to browse the content from the Procedures Consult homepage are to: (a) look under the Procedures by specialty listed in the left menu bar (b) type a specific procedure into the search box, or (c) select a particular region on the illustration of the human body.

Below is an example of what a procedures listing contains. Go to
http://tinyurl.com/pconsult to view a short narrated video tutorial on how to navigate Procedures Consult.


Options of where to access Procedures Consult:

- Listed under the Popular Resources section on the Library’s homepage
- Download the
Clinician’s Toolbar to your browser for a one click link to Procedures Consult

How to access this resource on your mobile device:
- Go to m.proceduresconsult.com *
- Also check out the UCSF mobile page at m.ucsf.edu developed by the Library

Top Reasons to use Procedures Consult:

(1) Clear and concise information about how to perform major medical procedures

(2) Excellent self-review of information you need to know for critical clinical skills training

(3) Ideal teaching tool to offer residents, students, and other medical trainees that allows them to track their learning via self-paced tests

* Setting up mobile access: first go to Procedures Consult - the web resource (http://app.proceduresconsult.com/Learner/Default.aspx) - (NOTE: you must sign into VPN first, if you're accessing this off-campus). In the upper right of their page, click on the "Sign-in" link. Create your account there. That should be what you use to log into on your mobile device when you go to m.proceduresconsult.com.

Use RefGrab-It to Download your PubMed Results

If you've used a citation software, like RefWorks, you know that it takes a few steps to get a citation from PubMed into your citation software. It's a multi-step process that requires saving your citations in PubMed first as a text file before importing into RefWorks or EndNote.

Click this link to see this traditional method.

BUT if you have a RefWorks account, you can actually use the RefGrab-It feature to capture citations in PubMed. This allows you to completely by-pass the traditional method of saving a text file before importing.

You can do this one citation at a time, or as I prefer, if you have several citations, send them to the Clipboard in PubMed and then use RefGrab-It to import into RefWorks.

Watch this narrated video to see how.