Friday, December 21, 2007

Google Quick Tip #4

Admittedly, I have never been very good about remembering how to convert measurements, be it for weights, distances, temperatures, or any other item that would need converting every now and again.


Google has a great conversion feature that makes converting measurements a cinch.

How many degrees Celsius is 104.1 degrees Fahrenheit? 104.1 f in c

How much is 550.75 miles in kilometers? 550.75 mi in km

How many tablespoons are in 4.25 cups? 4.25 cups in tbsp

How much is $250 US dollars worth in Thailand?

250 USD in Thai currency

The "operator" term that makes these conversions possible is the word in , connecting the two units that you are trying to convert.

The system is pretty clever, so be bold and see what other things you can convert. A good way to pass some time when you're on Google!


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