Thursday, January 3, 2008

Audio and Video Podcasts of Lectures (article)

There is ever-increasing use of podcasts of lectures in higher education. Along with this comes concerns of whether this form of delivering education may decrease class attendance and if podcasts truly improve student learning.

The article below addresses these issues and sheds light for those of you who currently podcast or are thinking of podcasting your lectures.

Copley, J. (2007). Audio and Video Podcasts of Lectures for Campus-Based Students: Production and Evaluation of Student Use. Innovations in education and teaching international, 44(4), 387-399.

Podcasting has become a popular medium for accessing and assimilating information and podcasts are increasingly being used to deliver audio recordings of lectures to campus-based students. This paper describes a simple, cost-effective and file size-efficient method for producing video podcasts combining lecture slides and audio without a requirement for any specialist software. The results from a pilot scheme delivering supplementary lecture materials as audio and video podcasts are also presented, including data on download patterns and responses to a survey of students on podcast use. These results reveal students' enthusiasm for podcast recordings of lecture materials and their primary use by students in revision and preparation for assessments. Survey responses also suggest little likely impact on lecture attendance as a consequence of podcasting, but indicate that podcast recordings of lectures may not be effective in facilitating mobile learning.

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