Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google Quick Tip #15

You're either proudly finished with your holiday shopping or like the rest of us, putting off those last few gifts and will probably be frantically gift wrapping on Christmas Eve.

In either case, this is a great time of year to watch a movie in the theaters because all the blockbusters are released just in time for Oscar nominations. To get away from the shopping mayhem, or to further procrastinate, why not go see a movie? Google can help you locate a theater.


Type in the word movies followed by the zip code or city where you want to find a movie theater.

The first result should be a link to showtimes at the local cinemas. The results will have a link to the movie trailer, more information from IMDb (the Internet Movie Database), and the Google map of the theater location.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a movie!

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