Friday, January 30, 2009

PubMed Quick Tip #9

Ever wonder how you can create an permanent HTML link that takes you to the results of a particular PubMed search?

Here's how:

(1) Run a PubMed search
(2) Select the Details tab below the search box
(3) Select the URL button in the middle of the Details page
(4) Copy the URL generated at the top of the page in the web address box
(5) Paste the URL into a website, wiki, email, document - anywhere you'd want to have it available

When you click on the link generated, you will always be taken to the results of that search in PubMed. This is a handy trick, if say, you want a link on a website you are maintaining, that takes you to all of the publications by David Irby that are listed in PubMed.

This non-narrated quick video tutorial shows you how.

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