Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PubMed Quick Tip #12: Running an Author Search

The new PubMed interface makes it easier to directly search for an author's publications.

(1) Under the Advanced Search link to the right above the search box, scroll down to the "Search by Author, Journal, Publications Date, and more" section

(2) On the first line that defaults to the "Author" search, begin to type in the author's last name

(3) Choose amongst the auto-suggest list that appears as you type

(4) Click on the "Search" button


To ensure that you retrieve the author's most recent and all publications prior to 2002, select the listing with the Last Name First Initials format (rather than the one listing the Last Name Full Name spelled out - that one only retrieves publications after 2002)

For other alternative ways to search for an author, watch this narrated PubMed tutorial.

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